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Greenbox Smash 500 Series Compressor

$802.43 USD

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Product with 1 year warranty!


About Smash 500
500 Series Opto Compressor.
Agressive compression, smash!
Burr Brown opamp signal.
JRC opamp sidechain.
Warm and velvety!

Compatibilidade 500 Series Lunchbox Compatible
Power Consumption +/- 16 Volts DC / 70mA (max.)
THD 0.003% to 0.2% (max.)
Equivalent Input Noise (noise floor) -89dB
Out Level +15dB (max.)
Input Impedance 10k Ω
Output Impedance 600
Audio Transformer (Turns Ratio) 350 Ω
Max. Attenuation -30dB approx.
dB Reduction Analog Meter
Sidechain Low Cut 150Hz (fixed)
Frequency Response 5Hz to 22kHz
 (2.5dB Gain)
Ratio 4:1 (fixed)
Attack Time (approx.) FAST 0.15 mSEC / SLOW 35 mSEC
Release Time (approx.) FAST 0.11 SEC / SLOW 2.5 SEC
Amp. Control Out Gain
Out Section Greenbox Audio Transformer TT-6060L
Gain Reduction -30dB
Input/Output Balanced
Weight 355 g 

Warranty: 1 year